"Ramon Hamilton's Smuggled, powerfully engages qualities of classic American independent cinema. In the tradition of such master U.S. independents as John Cassavetes, Robert M. Young, Luis Valdez, Shirley Clark, John Sayles - Hamilton's Smuggled provides relevant dramatic realism that is inspirational and provocative in its uncompromising intimacy and rawness. Smuggled is a must see for all wishing to understand with intelligence and compassion the human costs of immigration."

- John Ramirez, Chair; Department of Television, Film and Media Studies; California State University, Los Angeles; Director, The Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival

“Filmmaker Ramon Hamilton is on a mission to change how Americans think about immigration...The 80-minute movie [SMUGGLED], which attempts to answer the question of "why immigrants cross the border," tells the story of a 9-year old boy and his mother who are smuggled in the bottom of a bus into the United States in persuit of a better life...”

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“Smuggled clearly depicts one of the most complex issues and/or debates going on in our nation as we speak. The story follows a 9 year-old boy and his mother on their journey into the U.S.”

- Corrienta Latina

“Movies have the power to take us out of our own little world and transport us into someone else’s. It’s then that we can learn or experience how someone else lives, and honestly, I’ve found that’s a very effective way to get people interested in immigration reform and these kind of issues, by making them see why and how so many people migrate to the United States illegally. Smuggled is a tense and heartbreaking story of one boy’s journey across the U.S./Mexico border.”

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“When Ramon Hamilton teaches elementary film classes for youth in Los Angeles, he says it isn’t an odd occurrence for a 9-year-old to look up at him and say his mom was deported last night. It’s moments he’s encountered such as this, he says, that have inspired him to make films which talk about topics which could be misunderstood or misrepresented.”

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“The award-winning film, Smuggled written and directed by Ramón Hamilton, brings to life the sacrifice immigrant mothers make to provide their children with better opportunities by leaving their own countries for the United States.”

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“The movie is filled with suspense. I noticed a few times that my heart was pounding with anticipation wondering along with Miguel and his mother if they were going to get caught whenever they stopped at a checkpoint. I also found myself breathing a sigh of relief whenever the bus was allowed to go on it's way. Needless to say this movie will make you feel as if you are the one being smuggled.”

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“Hamilton believes in the ability of films to illuminate important issues and contribute to productive and constructive dialogues, while also entertaining and engaging audiences.”

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