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Award-Winning Writer/Director Ramon Hamilton is a filmmaker who takes an innovative approach to media as he seeks to combine entertainment and storytelling to create change. His commitment to social justice comes through in his artistic work and his arts education endeavors. Hamilton is currently working on a webseries entitled, “The wHOLE,” which highlights the harsh realities of solitary confinement and lenses in on mass incarceration in the United States. He wrote and directed the pilot episode, which was shot this past summer in Portland, Oregon, and is currently completing the scripts for the rest of the season, which he hopes to begin filming this June. 


“The wHOLE” follows “Smuggled,” Hamilton’s multi-award winning feature film that received 5 awards on the film festival circuit in 2012 with 15 official selections. The film, and Hamilton, have been featured by NBCLatino, ABC/Universe and many other media outlets with ABC asserting, “Filmmaker Ramon Hamilton is on a mission to change how Americans think about immigration.” 




Since the DVD and VOD release of “Smuggled” in April 2013, the film has been invited to screen at various additional events such as the Palm Springs International Film Society and the Latino Book and Family Festival, as well as at numerous college and university campuses and community organizations across the United States and abroad. He also participated in an esteemed panel discussion about human trafficking and smuggling as part of the American Bar Association (ABA) Annual Meeting in San Francisco in 2013. 


In addition to “The wHOLE,” Hamilton has two other media projects in development: “Seekers,” which tells the story of four children on a cross-country adventure as they seek to reunite one boy with his mother who has been deported, and “D Street,” a story in which the lives of five residents of Dorchester, MA become tragically intertwined one summer when one of them learns they are HIV positive. 


In addition to filmmaking, Hamilton has a passion for sharing the art of filmmaking with others. He has had Artist Residences with LA’s BEST, the largest after- school provider for the Los Angeles Unified School District and the East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. He also teaches filmmaking to Pediatric Cancer patients through Think Ten Media Group’s Spotlight On Hope Film Camp Program. With his youth work, Hamilton empowers others to create their own media projects and helps students understand the power of media to influence thoughts and behavior.

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